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Future Goals Of Fcan For The Running Millennium

The opportunity and the capability of meeting challenges, basically depend upon the environment of construction that contractors have in their country. Despite of its significant contribution to the country’s economy and it has a great role to play for the development of the country, construction industry has not received due attention from the government side. But, after the restoration of democracy in 1991, the symptom of realization from the government side is felt. There is still lack of basic infrastructure for the development of construction industries, which are the big challenges, and opportunities for the contractors. For this, FCAN is seriously engaging to achieve the following recommendations as its goals and vision for the enhancement of the local construction industry in Nepal for the overall development of the country.

Existing Acts and Regulations related with construction industry are to be reviewed and updated.
Preparation of standard contract document to achieve uniformity in contract administration is essential.
In order to improve the management capability and skill of the professional and trade persons Construction Industry Training Center has been already established in FCAN building & various training programs is starting with the effort of FCAN. FCAN have thought about this since long but it has not been able to trace any funding agencies for this.
A transparent and easy tax assessment system should be introduced.
Establishment of Construction Business Development Council after all is now established. It should properly function and proper budgeting should be allocated.
Considering the Nepalese construction industry’s environment and status, it is strongly recommended to establish an Equipment Hiring Center. World Bank’s report prepared in 1978 has also realized this fact. Since, the contractors do not have enough funds to invest in equipment purchasing and also the lack of job guarantee; discourage contractors from investing in heavy equipment purchasing also encourages for Equipment Hiring Center, Furthermore, considering the size and capacity of the country it will be beneficial to the country and also sustainable to establish an Equipment Hiring Center and a well-established workshop. We would like to request the funding agencies to think in this regard.
Payments for the contractors on the progress claimed are generally delayed. Hence, timely payment should be made.
In order to encourage local contractors, they shall be given preference in the International Competitive Bidding at their home country.
To encourage arbitration in settling contract disputes, local arbitration institution should be given preference instead of other foreign body. For example, Nepalese contractor’s capability cannot afford for the settlement of the disputes in any foreign country following international arbitration procedure.


To unite all the construction companies of all over the country in the main stream to protect, promote, and develop their professional capabilities within Nepal without any discrimination.
To promote and foster feeling of unity, co-operation and mutual help and to eliminate unhealthy competition and unfair trade practices among the contractors.
To advice and assist the members in technical, non-technical and legal matters.
To submit suggestion to the government in regard to its formulation, amendment and implementation of all the policies rules and principles related to the construction industry.
To reduce dependence on foreign contractors and to make available mechanical and heavy construction equipment, skills and necessary technology to the national contractors to develop infrastructure for the development of self-reliant construction industry in Nepal.
To improve and elevate the technical general knowledge of persons engaged in or about to be engaged in the construction industry by arranging lectures, conducting classes, exhibitions, meetings, seminars etc.
To acquire membership of international contractors associations in order to develop cordial relation among the contractors.
To involve itself in the social service activities.