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General Assembly
The highest policy making body of FCAN is its General Assembly. It is a body of all the general and associated members, which generally meets on an annual basis. The functions, rights & duties of the General Assembly are as follows:

  • To elect the Executive Board Officers & Members.
  • To take decision against vote of non-confidence towards the Executive Board Officers & Members, if necessary.
  • To take decision on audited report presented by the Executive Board.
  • To take decision on proposed budget report of coming fiscal year.
  • To take decision on the appointment & remuneration of the auditor.
  • To sanction the activity report presented by the executive board.
  • To advice the executive board to achieve the objective of FCAN.
  • To amend the constitution of the FCAN.
  • To provide the full authority to the executive board or to the Ad-hoc Board as needed.

Executive Committee:

The activities and the functions of FCAN are planned and managed by the Executive Board consisting 33 members including President and Immediate Past President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General (Policy), Deputy Secretary General (Internal), Treasurer, Joint-Treasurer, 12 numbers elected by the General Assembly and 5 members nominated by the President, who have a tenure of two years, IFAWPCA Board Member and Presidents of 5 Regional Contractors’ Associations are the ex-officio members of this committee. The officers and the members of the executive committee are elected during the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee has also right to appoint advisors according to the needs of FCAN.


The Executive Board forms various committees focusing its sectional and other activities according to needs of FCAN. At present, the following specialized committees are working under it:

  1. Region & District Association Co-ordination Committee
  2. Associate Member Co-ordination Committee
  3. Finance Committee
  4. International Co-ordination Committee
  5. Publicity Committee
  6. Organization Membership & Code of Conduct Committee
  7. Evaluation & Follow-up Committee
  8. Construction Business Development Council Co-ordination & Research, Training Committee
  9. Law & Policy Committee
  10. Revenue Consultation Committee
  11. Award & Honor Committee
  12. Internal Auditing Committee
  13. Conflict Management, Consultation & Monitoring Committee


For effective day-to-day operation Federation of Contractors’ Associations of Nepal (FCAN) have a Professional Secretariat with modern equipment & competent professional staff own secretariat building Anamnagar, Kathmandu.